Ah, you’re a rule-breaker. Excellent. Want to know a little more about me, my work and how I operate too? Read on.

Truth or dare?
Truth. Always truth.

How do you describe your writing style for adults?
Friendly professional.

How do you describe your writing style for kids?
Goofball. But well-researched goofball.

Did you really once write an 80,000-word book in 39 days?
I did and it nearly killed me. Never ask me again! I enjoy the brain cells I still have.

I want to hire you to as a speaker, facilitator or moderator.
Outstanding. Crowds don’t scare me. In-person or online, I’m ready to talk, inform and engage. I keep conversations moving with insight and humor. (Yes, I have a well-developed funny bone and love to laugh.) I’m organized too. Have your people call my people.

When I introduce you to my audience, how do I pronounce your name?
Like this.

As a journalist and author, do you record your interviews?
I do. Now more than ever, readers are looking for media they can trust. And as a trained journalist I know my job hinges on accuracy. Besides, when I record my interview with you, I’m able to truly focus on what you have to say, not scribbling in a notebook. And because I transcribe the recording later, I’ve got it all in black and white. I never misquote you.

Do you still edit?
From time to time, but please know I’m no proof-reader. Those skills left the building long ago. Today, I’m more of a managing editor, big picture gal.

When can you start?
Depends on my schedule and the size or complexity of your project. (Sometimes I can fit in last-minute assignments if they’re short and simple, but that’s rare. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask.)

Can you read my manuscript and offer suggestions?
I’m thrilled to be asked, but I seldom have time or capacity for this kind of work*. But if you need a mentor (read: formal cheerleader) for a children’s nonfiction proposal or manuscript, please contact me and we can discuss rates.

Speaking of rates, what do you charge?
Don’t you hate it when people won’t talk plainly about money? Me too. So here goes. Depending on the project, I charge $90 an hour, 75¢ to $2 per word, or a flat rate fee negotiated in advance. In other words, the industry standard for quality work. Books are a whole other world. If you have book queries, please contact my agent, Hilary McMahon.

Will you be a guest on my podcast?
Probably. I love podcasts. Especially ones about writing, productivity, the business of freelancing and anything to do with my latest books. What do you want to talk about?

* I can give you names of writers and writing coaches who do.